As Google collects fresh data and refreshes its algorithms, sites drop or gain. And if you’ve been pushing the limits from a user experience standpoint, good luck.


Remember, Google’s John Mueller said you need to significantly improve quality overall (and for the long-term). I’ve seen this first hand while helping companies impacted by these updates.


Side Note: Eighth Graders Know What’s Frustrating, Shouldn’t We All?

Every year I present to eighth graders at a local school about SEO, digital marketing, Google, etc. And every year I ask them if they’ve experienced any sites where it’s hard to find the content (due to ads, popups, and other aggressive monetization tactics).


Well, this year they all raised their hands and groaned in agreement at the same time.




And Google is trying to make them (and others like them) happy. So if eighth graders know the difference between what’s acceptable usability-wise, shouldn’t we all? That includes c-level executives, monetization teams, marketing teams, and content teams.


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Here’s a screenshot from the Rater Guidelines about distracting ads. Keep in mind, this is directly from Google: